Set Up Your Professional Domain E-mail That It's Linked to Your Gmail Account

This tutorial will show you how to link your professional domain e-mail (for example: to Gmail. Please note that this tutorial is also available in video format. You can watch the video version of this tutorial by clicking here: YouTube: How to Link Your Professional Domain E-mail to Your Gmail Account.

When your domain e-mail is linked to Gmail, this means that any e-mail sent to your professional domain e-mail (for example: will forward automatically to your regular Gmail account (for example:

But not only that -- it gets better! When you reply to a message within Gmail, it will appear to the recipient as if it's coming from your domain email, and the recipient will not see your Gmail address. 

Having a custom domain e-mail address looks a lot more professional than using a free e-mail address, and it's also a good way to advertise your website. Linking your professional domain e-mail to Gmail also allows you manage all of your e-mails in one place while still using all the handy Gmail features.

Before you get started following this tutorial, make sure you already have:

  1. A Gmail account
  2. A College Web Pro account
  3. A Professional Domain E-mail already created in the E-Mail Accounts section of CPanel (make sure you have the e-mail written down, as well as the password).  
If you're not sure if you have created a professional domain e-mail address, you should log into your CPanel and then click on E-mail Accounts. If you have a professional domain e-mail created, it will be listed here. 

If you do not see a professional domain e-mail in your CPanel, then first you'll need to follow the instructions here to create a professional domain e-mail account (and then come back to this page to follow the rest of the instructions to link that domain e-mail to Gmail).

1. Log into your CPanel and click on "Forwarders".

login to cpanel and click forwarders

2. Click on "Add Forwarder".

click on add forwarder

3. Type in the first part of your domain email address (in the example below, that would be "admin") of the professional domain e-mail you created. Then, in the under "Destination", type in the Gmail address that you'd like your domain e-mail to link to.

Next, click on "Add Forwarder".

forwarder settings

4. Log into your Gmail account and click on "Settings".


5. Click on the "Accounts and Import" tab and then click on "Add a Mail Account".

add mail account gmail

6. Type in the entire professional domain e-mail address that you already created in the "E-mail Accounts" part of CPanel.

add mail account

7. Make sure that POP3 is selected, and click "Next".


8. For "Username", type in the entire professional domain e-mail address. For password, enter in the password that you chose when you set your domain e-mail address up previously. For "Port", select 995. Check the box that says "Always use a secure connection (SSL when retrieving mail)" and make sure that that the other boxes are unchecked. Click on "Add Account".

incoming mail server settings

9. Select "Yes" -- you want to be able to send mail from your professional domain e-mail, and then click "Next".

yes send mail as

10. Type in your name, check the box that says "Treat as an Alias", then click on "Next Step".

enter name

11. For "SMTP Server" type in For username, typein your entire professional domain e-mail address. For "Password", enter in the password that you chose when you originally created the domain e-mail. For "Port", select 465. Select the radio button that says "Secured Connection using SSL". Click on "Add Account".

enter in mail server settings

12. Select "Close Window".

close window

13. Wait 5 minutes and then look for an e-mail with the subject line: "Gmail Confirmation - Send Mail as..." Click the long link in this e-mail.

gmail confirmation to send mail as

14. Click "Confirm".


15. Go Back to your Gmail Settings. Click "Accounts and Import". Next to your new professional domain e-mail address, click the link that says, "Make Default".

make default

16. Within "Settings, go to "General" and scroll down to where it says "Signature". Select your professional domain e-mail fromthe drop-down menu. Type in the signature that you would like displayed on outgoing messages.

set up signature

17. Click "Save Changes" at the bottom.


Congratulations! You've successfully linked your professional domain e-mail to your Gmail account! You've taken the next step toward building your online brand.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at (212) 365-8512. 

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